Monday, November 30, 2009

Do They See Me...Or am I fooling Myself?

How do your children see you? How does your husband see you?
Are you a whirlwind and a blur?
A sweetness to the eyes?
An Ogre just waiting to pounce on any wrong doing?
A delightful thing to behold?
A Big Teddy Bear?
An Angry Monster?
They don't see you much because you are away working, or with your friends?

How do you wish for your children to see you? How about your hubby?

"Lord let me be the person you have planned for me to be. A mother and a wife, always mindful little eyes are watching. Help me to be a good wife and an even better mother. Its hard to be careful with my words and how I say them. Its hard to be everpresently aware of my actions, because they are who I am. Remind me that I am raising the future. How I treat them today will result if we have a relationship tomorrow. In Your Name, Amen"

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