Thursday, July 30, 2009

"clunker" trade in deal..we did it...got a great new suv

New rules for the New CAR: this rule applies to EVErYONE:even mama
no animals in the car
no food or drink:EVER
no gum or candy:EVER

this car has 425 miles on it!
it even has the new car smell!
it has built in booster seats!
storage compartments in the floorboards and cargo area. it has a drink holder with cooler in the dash!
i absolutely new hubby would pick a winner!

what do u say to daddy kids?

We took advantage of the new car incintives offered by American car companies and purchased a nice 2009 Dodge Journey SE. Here are the pics promised:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Get the Lead out

Laura and I spent a very laid back day together yesterday, went to the pool,played, watched tv, played, went to the frostee, went to see aunt tammy and the puppies, then played some more.
we went to two parties this last weekend so in observing her playing at throwing a party, she really picked upon some good hostess tips:
+invite a lot of friends
+have enough toys, plates, napkins and food for everyone
+try not to leave anyone out
+plan activities and games that are fun for everybody

she really picked up on this from this weekend, I know because she folded napkins, had the right number by the way of her stuffed animals and little pet shops, she drew pictures and gave them out for prizes for each 'guest' and she played a game of pin the tale on the donkey and played it with her 'guests. She asked me to lay out good plates for the food, and insisted they be the right size, not too big.

I love being this girl's mommie....

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pics of 40th birthday celebration:

Get togethers have always been a part of the Hitch family-we do not do this much anymore because of schedules, location, and just being pooped from everyday stuff. So, when we decided to throw hubby a 40th celebration, of course his parents were on board and strived to make it the best. So thanks to them for everything they provided, did and cooked to make the guests feel special. (mil was born to hostess parties).
Each time we do have friends and family together I long for the next time or next opportunity to get together and laugh and eat and laugh some more.. Bob the Chef
Judi, hostess with the mostest

Proof that yes,
I do know people in Iowa

The gag gift that had
everyone laughing

Sitting in the shade

Catching up since last time

Every birthday
party needs

Here Lies Your Youth
Cake made by dear lady,
thank you,
cake was a hit!
Until next time, probably
when he turns 50:
Its all fun and games until the cops show up!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fortysomething....but who is counting?

We have planned a celebration for my guy's birthday
-he turned 40 today-
so let the games begin.
He planned a quick trip to Omaha for the Hitch Clan, so we will leave today, go to dinner tonight and return tomorrow. Quick-you betcha! I am looking forward to our family spending time together, we need a break from home. Everyone does now and then.
On Saturday we are having a few friends over to the farm for a cookout, cake and maybe some goofing off. I am nervous about the cookout, you know how it is when you plan in your head but there is always that nagging voice in your head that something is missing or needs to be different. Oh well, we will just go with the flow and do what I planned all along-make this day about Robert -his day-food, food and more food how can it go wrong?
A dear lady is baking and decorating his cake, cannot wait to see what she does. She is one of those artists who creates as she goes, and no one is every disappoointed!
The kiddos get to fill up 500 water balloons and reak terror on whoever is within target range.
(grandma is not very keen on this, oh well).
You turn forty once, and from here, it is all relative. They say that forty is the new thirty. So lets just take comfort in that....yes....So be ready for lots of pictures, lots of stories and me freaking out with hives...I break out when I am nervous...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

rodeo parade...


Somebody is having a birthday...

Tomorrow is a special someone's birthday.
We plan to visit Omaha and celebrate early,
then have a party here at home with dear friends.
Happy Birthday!
the wife & kids