Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pics of 40th birthday celebration:

Get togethers have always been a part of the Hitch family-we do not do this much anymore because of schedules, location, and just being pooped from everyday stuff. So, when we decided to throw hubby a 40th celebration, of course his parents were on board and strived to make it the best. So thanks to them for everything they provided, did and cooked to make the guests feel special. (mil was born to hostess parties).
Each time we do have friends and family together I long for the next time or next opportunity to get together and laugh and eat and laugh some more.. Bob the Chef
Judi, hostess with the mostest

Proof that yes,
I do know people in Iowa

The gag gift that had
everyone laughing

Sitting in the shade

Catching up since last time

Every birthday
party needs

Here Lies Your Youth
Cake made by dear lady,
thank you,
cake was a hit!
Until next time, probably
when he turns 50:
Its all fun and games until the cops show up!

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