Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fortysomething....but who is counting?

We have planned a celebration for my guy's birthday
-he turned 40 today-
so let the games begin.
He planned a quick trip to Omaha for the Hitch Clan, so we will leave today, go to dinner tonight and return tomorrow. Quick-you betcha! I am looking forward to our family spending time together, we need a break from home. Everyone does now and then.
On Saturday we are having a few friends over to the farm for a cookout, cake and maybe some goofing off. I am nervous about the cookout, you know how it is when you plan in your head but there is always that nagging voice in your head that something is missing or needs to be different. Oh well, we will just go with the flow and do what I planned all along-make this day about Robert -his day-food, food and more food how can it go wrong?
A dear lady is baking and decorating his cake, cannot wait to see what she does. She is one of those artists who creates as she goes, and no one is every disappoointed!
The kiddos get to fill up 500 water balloons and reak terror on whoever is within target range.
(grandma is not very keen on this, oh well).
You turn forty once, and from here, it is all relative. They say that forty is the new thirty. So lets just take comfort in that....yes....So be ready for lots of pictures, lots of stories and me freaking out with hives...I break out when I am nervous...

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