Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Get the Lead out

Laura and I spent a very laid back day together yesterday, went to the pool,played, watched tv, played, went to the frostee, went to see aunt tammy and the puppies, then played some more.
we went to two parties this last weekend so in observing her playing at throwing a party, she really picked upon some good hostess tips:
+invite a lot of friends
+have enough toys, plates, napkins and food for everyone
+try not to leave anyone out
+plan activities and games that are fun for everybody

she really picked up on this from this weekend, I know because she folded napkins, had the right number by the way of her stuffed animals and little pet shops, she drew pictures and gave them out for prizes for each 'guest' and she played a game of pin the tale on the donkey and played it with her 'guests. She asked me to lay out good plates for the food, and insisted they be the right size, not too big.

I love being this girl's mommie....

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