Saturday, November 28, 2009

J..is for joy..

I had the most tremendous gift of the day last Sunday night. We had a busy day getting in order for the coming week, and my three kiddos and hubby were somewhat helpful. Grins.
I happened upon my four year old, who was so carefully putting her toys away, and quielty she was singing, "Yes, Jesus Loves Me." Her melody was so full of joy as she put books away, and set each doll in its place.
I peeked in to my preteens room and she was on her laptop, chatting with her friend, laughing at whatever was being said.
My son and his friend were in the room off the kitchen playing pool, of course their laughter could be heard all the way to the kitchen.
A home filled with joy. What a blessing.
J is for Joy
E is for Emmanuel
S is for Saved
U is for Unmistakable
S is for Shalom

"Lord, You fill the empty places in my day. You wrap me up in Your Love, and the Joy is Unmistakable! What a miracle life is. What a wonderment in the day to day task, family, work, cooking, cleaning, Finding joy in being your servant. Amen."

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