Saturday, August 1, 2009

More Daily Ramblings..

My sweet little girl loves to take pictures of 'everything'.
We have been trying to stay busy while brother and sister are on vacation, somehow we are managing to find plenty to do.

Yesterday we filled the day up with a trip to Clarinda, having lunch at 'oldmcdonaldland' as laura refer's to it, she even was allowed to play on the playground! There were lots of kids for her to play with-for a sometimes shy kid-she did great. After lunch we rambled over to the library. Believe it or not we spent 2 hours browsing-after that we traveled back home. In the evening we spent some time at the park-so fun- then visited a friend who is getting ready to go on vacation and we are going to care for her mama dog and puppies while she and her family are away. The puppies go crazy for Laura, she isnt so sure about their jumping on her, so she climbs on top of whatever she can- I would like to say we went to bed happily last night, but miss laura was not ready, I was, and we went anyway. I gently reminded her what a wonderful day we had, and she stopped crying. Rubbing her arm I whispered in her ear,"I love you so much Laura, and tomorrow we will have another wonderful day together."
She was asleep before I finished my sentence.
As this happened I can recall nights when she was a baby and we lay the exact same way last night, she in my arms, safe, sleeping and now she, i prayed, is dreaming of puppies, parks and 'oldmcdonald's"

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