Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Patient doing well...me, I am exhausted

the long awaited needed surgery was successfully performed today. our patient is doing well, but mom and dad did not get any sleep.
our trip to Omaha was filled with excitement nervousness and apprehension. we took our preteen to her favorite restaurant for a pre op dinner:Red Lobster :-) and enjoyed a nice dinner of shrimp, shrimp and more shrimp served with potatoes. fried and baked. ( i have so much catching up to do on my work outs-geez!)
As I sat across the table from my sweet daughter, she was the center of my attention, there were not any distractions and i could see her shining green eyes, clear smooth skin and how long and healthy her hair is. her non assuming smile and open honest face. how nice to spend time with her-chatting about nothing and everything. she wants a cell phone. that is up in the air for me, a big no for her dad. more on that later.
after dinner we went back to the hotel, relaxed and prepared for today. i am happy to say we have returned home, less two tonsils, and one sleepy little girl-and two relieved parents.
Thankful for everything we have...

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