Friday, December 11, 2009

Words to Remember....Proverbs31:21

"She is not afraid of the snow for her household. for all her household are clothed with scarlet."

This verse is appropriate for my daily awakenings this season.
Is my home warm, warmth with heat but also with food, clothing, coats, blankets?
Is my home warmth with my love and care, making sure we have what we need?
The basic needs of a child are: food=shelter=clothing=education. A child also needs:nurturing, loving words, correcting, play, and most of all: Parents who can hang out at home and do the before mentioned~
Its been rough being snowed in the last few days, only because we could not leave to go get more stuff to cook, bake, play. We played games, read books, computered ourselves out, and played in the snow for a little while.

I know that my house is warm. I know my household is covered. That is a blessing from God who takes care of even the little sparrow in the field, and He cares for little ole me and you too.

"Thank you for providing our family with what we need. "Our Family", a beautiful bit of two words that mean everything to me. Be my guide, teach me to be a better mother, better wife and a better servant for You. Against the coldness of the world, I need You to help me prepare my household to be strong, protected from lifes storms. Thank You Lord for Your Word, for Your Love, and for giving me this wonderful Family. Amen."

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