Sunday, December 6, 2009

you know you have incountered a Snotty Person when...

Lets define in my own words a snotty person:
self absorbed; narrow minded; mean; unable to accept outsiders; has a delusional belief that they are "better" than anyone else outside their own circle.

Lets define in my own words the opposite of a "snotty" person:
open to new friendships, not mean, able to make new people feel at ease, has no
beliefs they are better than anyone else. Does not have a "circle".

Hallmark facial expressions of a snotty person:
Pinched brow from looking down at others constantly.
No lips because they have worn them off from thinking, tsk, tsk tsk.
A frown because they don't approve of anything going on that would mean "new idea" or different
The stare, its not friendly or inviting, its meant to intimidate and "put you in your place"

How to return the favor:
Stare back, you could smile it would give them something to huff at
Wave too, its unarming and confusing to someone who is trying to be hostile for now reason
I prefer to wear dark glasses so they have no idea what I am doing, if its in a building, I just stare back until they look away.

How to win over a snotty person: why? who wants a snot for a friend?
How not to lose sleep over a snotty person: remind yourself of how much you love your family, your friends and that someday, the snotty person, will be old and alone and wishing they had been much nicer when younger.

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