Monday, February 15, 2010

The Good Samaritan

Our local paper has a kudos section, which means they pick out specific good deeds a citizan did and acknowledge them in the paper.

Sometimes its plowing sidewalks, feeding pets, planting flowers, just random good deeds.

I wonder if there is a kudos section in Heaven.

Like when exPresident Clinton helped get the two female American journalist released from their jailers.
Or if the rescuers in Haiti who have been working to free trapped survivors of the earthquake there, if there names are in a list and published for all in Heaven to take note.
Maybe a mom or dad who have been comforting a sick child for many months, if they are mentioned in this kudos message too.

Our good deeds go on and on, don't you think, humanity has such good in each one of us, lets just let it shine. Say hi to your not so likable neightbor next time you see him or her. Drop by for coffee to that friend you have not seen in church in a while. Hug your children-espcially if you can see they have had a hard time at school or with friends-share the love that is inside you bubbling over to be given to someone else.

I cannot promise you will be mentioned in the kudos section of the paper, but I am pretty sure it will give Jesus a smile.

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