Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Note For My Friend

To the person I met some time ago. We were so close at one time. We laughed together, we enjoyed lady chats over coffee, while mothering our children. Soon our children were in school, then sports or drifting off with their friends. The stores we shopped were not the same after we left, at least not for awhile, having left our laughter ringing in the rafters. Once in while we shared a family dinner, getting to know the inner workings of each others families just because we were loving friends. And thats what loving friends do.

I suppose what I want to say is that, when did the friendship that I saw, it mattered most to my heart, when did it take a nose dive off the face of the earth? Suddenly. Sadly. Without warning you, my friend, were too busy to get together, too busy to call and just chat. Too busy for lunch, too busy for a movie too busy, too busy, just too busy. Sorry.

Well, I picked up my boot straps and I moved forward until I heard the sermon at church today, of all days about 'forgiving those who we say we love but are hard to love.'

That hard heart. That rude heart. That cold heart. That heart who you called friend, that didnt feel the same closeness and moved out, thats it I am too busy, see you later. We, touched by Agape, are still supposed to love, even after rejection.

Jesus is my friend. Without a doubt. I am not too busy for Him. He talks I listen. He will never leave, be too busy, or too this or that. And then I see my vulnerability and it slams me in the face like a fist.

Am I living like Christ. How many 'friends' have I dropped to side, moving on, taking what I need but never giving back. How unlovable have I been? Am I really forgiving, loving, and in the end, my friend, Jesus, he loves me anyway. But I am, we all are, called to be loving, loving those who hurt us, who judge us, who spit at us, and who just stop being with us. We are called to still love them. No matter the cost, we are to lay our lives down for Christ. Die to self. Die to self.

My friend, I still love you. Even if whatever happened doesnt ever get resolved or whatever the need it has, I love you.

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