Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Robert III

Happy Birthday to my only son. He is eleven years young today!

His faves are:
p & J sandwiches
pancakes & frenchtoast
rootbeer floats
cheese pizza
cheese burgers from applebees rest.
and xbox!
baseball, basketball, football

He was saved 2 years ago in August and has a relationship with Jesus Christ.

He is eleven today!
He does not like:
cleaning his room
any kind of chores (big shocker)
girls (yet)

For his birthday this year, we planned for three of his xbox buddies to come over and play their games. At 10 pmp the xbox was turned off and they were allowed to watch movies until they fell asleep. ( of course my daughters had to hang out too, afterall, its their bubby).

Around 11 the guys and gals went to sleep. Our guests went home, all but one, he joined us for Sunday School.

Today, we will meet our inlaws in Maryville for a Family birthday dinner.

Last year, grandpa went to the emergency room on Robert's birthday. Happy to say grandpa is doing fine and we have some more celebrating to do.

When I was 9 weeks pregnant with Robert, I came very close to losing him. With prayer, love, and staying off my feet as much as possible, the gracious Lord let us have this beautiful smart boy we love dearly. Let me begin: It was like any Monday. Off to work at the daycare. Codi went into the nursery next door. Sometime that morning I began spotting and went to the er right away, calling Robert II. At the er the drs checked me, then did an ultrasound. Robert III was a speck on the screen, but there were other specks to. Blood clots. The drs told me there was nothing that could be done. I would lose Robert that day or within the week.

I went back to work, and my boss already knew by my face I was not coming back to work. Other women were supportive and some had had this happen to them too. I got Codi and we went home. I put my feet up and prayed.

I cant do anything but give all the credit where it belongs, God. His plans are a mystery.
I did not lose Robert of course, but I was very scared. I did not lose my faith.

9 months later a little boy was born to two happy parents and one jealous older sister.
Every year, I think back to my time of almost loss, and I do that I think because I want to remember that God is always with us. The story could have ended differently, but it did not and I am praising and thanking God for our miracle.

"Father you are the planner, the friend, the One we call on in time of need. We dont know the plan, we can only go day by day, night by night, and do our best. We can see the miracles, the trials and the little subtle ways You love us, molding us into being. Help me see clearer the path for myself and my family. Guide me, correct me and most of all, thank you for being the One I can go to anytime of the night or day."

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  1. Julie
    I did not see that comment and I agree it was really really rude. I have deleted it. I really dont want to be offensive and I dont think comments like that even appropriate. That person who said that has seen how raw and hurt I've been and I think she should have just kept that to herself if that is the way she feels.

    Even though I dont agree with the many choices John is making right now, it is not up to me to judge him. It's not up to any of us to judge. So even though I'm in the middle of it, I will give him that. I hope that he can find happiness wherever or whatever he decides that is.

    I am sorry, and I hope you can understand.

    sorry to send this as a comment but I do not have your email address.