Thursday, October 1, 2009

4 yearolds,...puppy...cats...preteen...boyhood..and other random things...

Tonite is Volleyball nite. My athlete plays her first ever volleyball game tonite.
Today was raining and cold. Fall is still on its way. Have my decor out and it looks fantabulous!
Spent time cuddling my female cat, she is THE sweetest cat in the WORLD.
My four year old crafted me a purple butterfly...then told me she loved me.
My son helped out around the house this morning, without complaint, I will take that wave and ride it.
Husband leaves for Nevada tomorrow morning. Going to have a great time with his bro and stay with the bro's whole family for 5 days. Shooting, shooting and more shooting. I feel sorry for R because Cheryl is going to spoil him with her cooking. (Sorry Cheryl, he will probably eat you out of the house, he is so neglected here in Iowa.)

My thoughts for the day....

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  1. No worries Julie because R told J that all he wants is burgers and pizza. Lol he sounds like an easy one to please to me. Plus my secret is I'm waaay lazier than I appear. I just hope they have a good time.