Thursday, October 15, 2009

First Day of Surgery

We are sitting in the pre op room with big Daddy, waiting with him before he first gets a cat scan then second, goes in to surgery. This has been a long time coming and a recurring event for my love, he has sinus disease, and has to go through this every 2-5 years.
I am praying that this surgery will give him some relief from pain, infection and leave him feeling better.
A couple of months ago he was told there was not anything else that could be done, but praise God, we found Dr. Moore. Dr Moore looked into the problem and came up with a game plan. Please God, let this help.
Here is what Robert indures ongoing right now:
Constant searing pain in his right cheek, just below the eye.
A headache located on the top of his head, that never goes away.
Sinus infections that do not clear up.
Polyps, scarring and diseased tissue that prevent him from breathing comfortably because his airways are blocked. The disease attacks his sinus cavities and surrounding tissue.
He does not sleep because of the pain.
He takes various medications to manage the infections and provide minor bits of relief.

So here we are.
Dr Moore is planning to go into the war zone and remove the debris that should not be there and open his airways with a plastic balloon, she plans to remove as much as the diseased tissue so that maybe his headache will go away in his head and he will have some period of comfort.

"Father thank you for this day. Thank you for being the strong comfort in our lives. Thank you for all that you provide for us everyday, for each one in our family and for the gift of salvation. I know you are with us Lord, right now in this very room. I can feel your peaceful presence while we wait for Robert to take the next step in this journey. I know this is in your hands, and I know that Your will be done. In Your Holy Name, I ask that you be with Dr. Moore and her staff, that she be careful, and cautious while operating on the father of my children, that the disease be wiped away and relief be given to my love, I ask this in your name, Lord Almighty. Amen."

To be continued.

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