Monday, May 18, 2009

At the Well...In Pursuit of Titus 2 -

At one time, everyday had to be crammed with: a workout (dragging two not happy toddlers with me) then, dressing for the first of maybe two or three meetings at different 'clubs' I belonged too. Church Circle? Bible Study? Church Choir? Any event, occasion or activity I was there, because I thought that was what I was to do! Besides keep an emmaculate home, have dinner ready at 6:00. Was I any closer to God? No. Was my marriage suffering? yes. Were my children happy being towed from here to there? NO. Like a hamster in a cage, I was going no where fast. Why? I never reached for my guide to Life. I said I was a Christian, I told myself I was doing good things, but come on-I was keeping busy-being self centered and fooling myself into believing what a great giving person I was! Ha, what a blind person I was!
Fast Forward 9 years.
I decided to stop volunteering for everything under the Sun, and see if the earth did not self destruct. Hey, the earth was fine.
I decided to look for Biblical guidance in gaining a stronger marriage, and becoming the best mother I could be. There was nothing in the Bible about volunteering for outside activities.
God wants me to be at home, caring for my children and my husband. Hhmmm....God wants for me to be a submissive wife, a loving, mother, a homemaker...well after reading and praying about what God wants for me and my family I am praying and trying everyday to be that helpmeet, to be that jewel, to be that lady at home that bakes, sings, hugs, reads and talks about God and who He wants my children to be....my husband LIKES me...my children are happy....I am happy...I've realized that whatever outside activities I would like to do, I can do them when my children are out of the home, and have gone to college, with my husband's okay.
I enjoy being home, cooking, cleaning, laundry, gardening, I love doing all of the caretaking that brings joy to my family. I think when we take care of our families and it comes from a place of real love, (not drudgery, self centeredness) that honors God.

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