Sunday, May 3, 2009

Its a Grand New Day Conference

Friday morning I left with 25 ladies from Bedford and we drove to Des Moines, ala car-a-van, our destination being Wells Fargo Arena.
We arrived, no tickets-broken down vehicles-praise the Lord, in good spirits for this well anticipated time of getting closer to the Lord.
When we arrived, (we were and hour late), the pre event had began, but we did not let that deter our enthusiasm.
When I walked into the arena, the group of young ladies who sing for Women of Faith, were filling the air with the most beautiful of melodies.
Next, Mendisa took the stage and awed us with her blessed voice.
It was'nt long before speaker after speaker shared their stories of grace, mercy, hurts, repentance and the complete Love of God in their lives and before I knew it, it was time to return to the hotel. Now, this was not just a leave the arena, jump in the mini van and return to the hotel. Can't be that easy. I tell my myself, 'Self don't sweat the small stuff.' and normally I do not let much ruffle these feathers, however about waiting to check in to the hotel. Took an hour. How about having a nice dinner with your lady friends before the show? Took an hour and a half. We were late, again, almost an hour, again. Okay: yesterday at communion I asked asked to be forgiven for getting angry at the hotel manager, the waiter at the resturant. I do not like being the rhymes with witchy person.
So to finish this post I will go ahead and some it up with one word:

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