Saturday, May 16, 2009

Great Saturday for the Family of Five

WE spent the day up north in Atlantic. Darren and Lynn are a couple we are getting to know better through Robert's job. They have a great place with lots of backyard space.
I tried to get some good shots of the kids playing, but they were too fast for me, and I did'nt want posed , so I gave it my best go.
These pics of our day did not turn out really good, but I got some shots of them all together, which is what I wanted to do. Robert and the three boys had fun playing a game they made up by the fire pit. The game involved a baseball, a cardboard box and their imaginations. They decided to do this after jumping on the trampoline, throwing the baseball and wrestling.

Codi was holding Melinda she will make a great sitter in her teen years,and Laura was tickling her, the girls really got along well today. Darren and Lynne have a great place, lots of yard and plenty of fun stuff to do.
The kids enjoyed: Jumping; swinging; sliding; playing catch; sandbox; wii; huge playroom in the basement. The one thing I found out that was so dear, that family is baseball fans, and St Louis Cardinal fans to boot! Another discovery I had made at a previous engagement, the family has very strong Christian values, which is so important when choosing family friends!
Robert now knows what it would be like if he had little brothers. (he wants a brother so bad) He had such a good time around all three boys. It was fun watching him be the older guy, he is so good with other kids.
What a great day today!
The weather was really nice today, the kids behaved and we agreed to get together again soon.

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